Why Choose FCM?

Being part of the Multimedia Super Corridor (now known as MSC Malaysia), FCM was part of the initial initiative to be a pioneer in developing creative talents who are techno-savvy and innovative. FCM is the first faculty that was structured to target our degrees towards the digital creative content industry.

Our alumni has changed the landscape of our Creative Industry in Malaysia through producing strong and memorable digital content for various fields and purpose. They are truly pioneers!
At FCM our students are exposed to active and dynamic learning environments. The majority of classes are hands-on project based, some of which are 100% coursework. Being in the creative industry, having a good portfolio is as important as having a great CGPA. Therefore, we encourage our students to do projects that can provide evidence of their skill and knowledge in design and technology.

We make learning exciting!
Our students are exposed to in-depth industrial know-how and processes that allow them to immerse themselves into the real-world of digital creative content creation. Our lecturers are highly experience practitioners who have their own industry and community reputation. We work closely with the Malaysian Creative Industries and companies that will be looking for top quality graduates at the end of our programmes.

We are dedicated to provide professional industry-driven experience!
From the Tracer studies conducted by MOHE in 2015, FCM graduates have managed to garner over 90% employability rate (after 6 months upon graduation). We are proud to be constantly able to reach this high employability rate.

Our graduates are highly in demand!
*MOHE 2015 Tracer studies
Many of our alumni have managed to become innovators and industrial leaders on their own. Well-known companies in the Creative Industries like Animonsta, Giggle Garage, Media Hustler, Manggis Production, Glue Studios, MotioFixo, The Incitement, Candidsyndrome International, Chain FX, DA Huang Pictures, Mira Digital and others, are founded and co-founded by our graduates. Our programme not only instils the students with the creative knowledge and skills to become content creators but entrepreneurs and industry leaders.

We are constantly pushing the boundaries of excellence!
At FCM, we boast a well-balanced learning structure that provides strong hands-on experience as well as good understanding of the fundamentals of the field and industry. The team of lecturers work closely with students to develop confidence and know-how in the respective industries.

We are committed to ignite your passion in creating digital content!
At FCM, we strive for excellence. Over the years, our staff and students have constantly won numerous awards in animation, film, media arts, advertising, product design, virtual reality, photography, design, education, knowledge management and others. This is the testament of our commitment and quality of work.

So come and join this once in a life time experience with FCM. Your creative future begins here!

Latest News

FCM student’s ‘Unforgettable Memories’ shortlisted for Sony World Photography Awards
FCM student’s ‘Unforgettable Memories’ shortlisted for Sony World Photography Awards
March 2, 2017
KUALA LUMPUR: A photograph taken by a Malaysian student during a family trip to Malacca has been shortlisted for the world’s largest photography competition. Nursyafiqah Azlan’s photo
FCM wins multiple awards at The sCoolers 2016
FCM wins multiple awards at The sCoolers 2016
March 2, 2017
FCM students won 1 Gold, 2 Silvers, 1 Bronze and 1 Finalist award at the recent award ceremony of The sCoolers 2016, held at MAP@Publika on 24 February 2017. The inaugural creative co...
MMU sets eyes on a VR future
MMU sets eyes on a VR future
February 9, 2017
VIRTUAL reality (VR) has grown tremendously in popularity over the past year thanks to powerful new hardware like the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR making waves. However, thoug...


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